Sales Support

airisX Sales Support services are designed to support your sales teams efforts, freeing your high performing sales people up to take more meetings and close more deals. Sales Support offers a host of services and capabilities to grow your sales without significantly increasing expenses. The airisX Sales Support team can manage your opportunities through the presales process, then again through post sales follow-up.


Utilize the Sales Support resources to qualify leads and nurturing the presales relationship. Your sales support team actively responds to any requests for information, sets up calls with your sales team, and follows-up after any active communication to ensure the potential client received the information needed and provide any additional follow-on information as needed. Never drop a warm lead, and show your potential clients the pro-active nature of your business through a dedicated team of resources that drive the client through your sales funnel towards a close.

Pricing and Competitive Analysis:

The airisX Product Analyst resource works with you, or your Marketplace Manager, to review your product pricing, perform an in depth analysis of your competition’s offerings and pricing, and to provide a comprehensive ongoing review of your market position. Product Analysts are an integral resource to any sales team, providing strong pricing guidelines, and ensuring the client understands their market placement and has the information necessary to make smart business decisions.

Product Offerings:

Product Analysts, in addition to providing invaluable information on pricing, market segmentation and competitive landscape, also dig into client’s current offerings to ensure they are performing within market expectations. Any product not performing as expected could be costing a business additional expense through warehousing costs. Inventory turnover is an important metric in online sales. Additionally, the Product Analysis reviews products and services that could be utilized to expand the client’s offerings, and drive more revenue.

RFP Responses:

Some customers have extensive needs that require projections, experienced costing experience, and customer interaction. Requests For Proposals can be a long and difficult process (don’t we know it!) and you want a support team to ensure each item is properly responded to, and the individual costing is both realistic and competitive to win the deal. The airisX team has extensive experience working on RFP responses for big and small projects.


Building project or product sales quotes requires an in depth understanding of your business, your cost and profit structures, and your competitions standing in the market. airisX’s Sales Support team can build custom quotes for your products and services to empower your sales team to chase and close more deals, faster.

Post Sales and Upsales:

Closing the sale is only half the battle! Following up with customers after the purchase, ensuring proper onboarding or deliver, and that the product and service is as sold can turn a client from a detractor to the most fervent fan. Additionally, after success if the best opportunity for upsell to additional products or services. Your existing customer base is your best opportunity for more revenue, just make sure you are reaching out to them regularly.


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and