airisX’s deep startup experience, exceptionally talented team, and entrepreneurial client base has allowed us to develop a very unique company culture. We are:

        Fearless Pioneers
        Process Builders
        Mold Breakers
        Scaling Experts


We aren’t your run-of-the-mill, inflexible outsourcing center. We combine deep BPO experience with the flexibility of pioneering startup spirit.

From building a customer support team from scratch for an app startup as it grew from 0 sales per day to 4000 sales per day to spearheading voice and texting support for a large Amazon seller with multiple brands selling across over ten product verticals, we aren’t afraid of tackling big challenges faced by SMEs and changing how things are done to fit our clients’ business models.

We also aren’t afraid to bring up when things aren’t working. We bring you feedback every quarter with game changing optimization plans, to help your company evolve as systems mature.

Your business changes and moves quickly, and so do we.


We aren’t afraid to make changes and do things differently, but that everything leads back into good structure and process. Robust operational workflows and management structures are key to driving growth and success, and are often missed by SMEs.

We strive to be cost effective, but not to be the “cheaper” solution. We are determined to drive value at all levels, and our processes offer a high level of quality of service to our clients via providing transparency into every step of our onboarding, training, and implementation phases.

This culture of structure and process exists at all levels of our organization, and can be seen through success in our clients’ key SLAs and target metrics.


We strive to be cost effective, but not to be just another “cheap” solution. While our service fees are 10-20% lower than traditional BPOs in the Philippines, we don’t believe lower costs require a sacrifice in quality.

Our training team and project managers onboard your projects with us and perform any required initial knowledge transfer, documentation, reporting, and training of your personnel – costs included in your service fees.

We’re more than just an outsourcing provider – we’re business streamliners and help make your operations run better.


We come from a deep startup background, with full knowledge on the growing pains involved with scaling from 0 to 1. Whether you are bootstrapped, newly funded, or an operating company, we’ve gone through what you’ve gone through and know how to adapt outsourcing strategies to fit your business roadmap and your needs.

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