Staffing and Recruiting

Recruiting new employees for your team is a notoriously time-consuming process. Hiring an external outsourcing provider like airisX allows you to remove yourself from the tediousness of having to go through hundreds of resumes and bad interviews to find the right candidate that meets the criteria of the employee you are looking for, allowing you to focus on what matters in the recruiting process – doing the final interview for the right candidate, and making the final hiring decision.

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Talent Sourcing, Filtering, and Interviewing

Our recruiting team sources, filters, and reaches out to candidates as per your hiring requirements, leveraging channels such as LinkedIn, job boards, Indeed, referrals, etc., going through as many potential candidates as possible to help you find the exact talent(s) you need.

We conduct all pre-screening and perform initial interviews for you, shortlisting qualified candidates and making recommendations for potential good fits. Afterwards, we set final interviews up between you and your desired candidates – allowing you to simply make final hiring decisions without the hassle of all the other recruiting work leading up to it.

At airisX, our recruiting team has years of experience helping companies recruit and hire new talent. For any questions, email us at


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