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airisX Partner Services powers the back-end of many solution providers, and can help your company expand its capabilities and value to your own clients as well. Whether you are a business broker, business consultant, contract manufacturing sourcing solution, marketing or advertising team, business process outsourcing, or call center.

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airisX has several partner programs available, depending on the need and requirements.

The airisX solutions platform is a great way to expand your capabilities quickly and easily, and thus increase revenue and profit.


Independent Sales Agent

White Label Services


Expanded Services

Companies can offer more services, and thus more revenue by offering our full suite of services to your existing clients or new opportunities. airisX allows your company to offer a more complete service, while utilizing airisX for the service delivery. We offer all of our services as an add-on to a company’s offerings: KPO services, BPO and BPS offerings, Branding/Marketing, Social Media, ecommerce management, and much more.

Small / Big Projects

If the scope of a project doesn’t match the provider, we can take over and put together a solution for the client. airisX is happy to take projects of any size, as we have existing facilities that can in-take your small needs, and expansion area to cover even the largest projects. Your company can either act as the primary POC, or transfer the entire project. This works well regardless if the project is too large for a center, or too small. airisX can easily absorb any project size need across our facilities, no matter if its just a couple people, or hundreds.

Language Support

Clients often have a need for language support beyond the capabilities of a single center. airisX has centers that cover English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese Chinese. If your client requires a language your company cannot provide in-house, just contact us to see how airisX can help.

Improved Revenue

airisX Partner Services were designed to empower experts that work with business and enterprise clients the added extra capabilities to offer a more complete solution to their clients. Each lead and client a company has cultivated has value, and a lack of solution available in-house need not cause a lead to be lost. Partner Services is a full feature solution for business consultants and solutions providers to seamlessly expand their capabilities and utility to their client base at competitive rates, without sacrificing quality.

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