airisX has a host of services and solutions for clients in the Healthcare and Medical space. Our HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) certified centers host a number of client’s solutions, from Insurance Centers, Medical Clinic support, emergency and non-emergency phone based nurse consultations and more. Philippines Nurses are some of the most highly regarded and desired practitioners in the field worldwide, and with reciprocity agreements and local certification to US requirements (NCLEX-RN) they are a cost effective addition to any Healthcare or Medical company’s staffing needs.
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HIPAA compliant centers allow for secure handling of patient medical records.

NCLEX-RN US certified Registered Nurses (RN).

PCI DSS compliant centers allow for secure handling of patient financial records.


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Outsourced Registered Nurse

Insurance companies, Medical Clinics, and Hospitals can take advantage of Outsourced Registered Nurse services to provide phone or text consultations on non-emergency situations. Patients can call to get advice on visiting a clinic or hospital, check on drug interactions and side effects, access their patient medical records, and seek advice on non-threatening concerns.

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Outsourced Claims Processing

Outsourced Claims Processing is a cost effective way to free up your on-site staff. For a fraction of the cost of a local staff, your outsourced Medical Coders can quickly perform all Medical Coding, as well as Claims Processing to ensure your Insurance Claims are paid on-time, and your cashflow is not impacted.


Medical Transcription and Coding

Accurate and efficient Medical Transcription and Coding is essential to creating an accurate record of patient care and get paid correctly from insurance claims. Our Medical Transcriptionist and Coders can work from visit notes, audio notes, or even realtime via video/audio conference from mobile systems.


Medical Billing and Collections

Missed and slow payments can impact cash flow and revenue growth. Our Medical Billing and Collections experts can follow-up with your patients and invoices to ensure prompt payments for services rendered by your facility or clinic. Your Accounts Receivable resource can work with patients on payment terms, billing errors, accept payments, and so on. Our center is PCI DSS certified, so your patient’s payment details are safe and secure.

Don’t see your specific need? We just cant post every skill and opportunity here, instead we work with your facility or company to build a comprehensive solution, whatever your needs may be.

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All services are available as custom solutions, or our complete package. For some great examples of solutions, check out our Case Studies.





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