Outsourcing Process

The airisX business process outsourcing transition and transformation processes are designed and managed by airisX Solutions Architects and Service Delivery Managers to be as stress-free for our clients as possible.

“Transition” and “transformation” are just fancy terms we use in the outsourcing industry to explain the migration of internal company work to an outsourced provider, like airisX. We transition the work from your staff to ours, and then we transform (optimize) the work wherever possible to increase efficiencies and decrease defects and costs.

Depending on the scope of your project or staffing, individual steps may look a bit different, though your Solutions Architect and Service Delivery Manager will work hand in hand with you to explain the specific steps for your needs, and the timing of each step. This information is provided as an overview of what you can expect during the handover process when you outsource to us.

Our handover process is broken down into 2 main sections, each managed by a different lead.


First Step

Evaluation: The very first step is to work with a Solutions Architect to identify your outsourcing requirements to engage airisX’s various services and solutions to meet your goals. We work with clients that are focused on cost efficiencies, streamlining business processes, building global redundant teams, scaling solutions, and much more.


Second Step

Quote: Your solutions architect offers a solution and a quote. airisX is inclusive in pricing, ensuring clients can easily evaluate their costs and benefits without worrying about hidden fees and expenses other providers surprise clients with. The quote will be the full cost of the project, inclusive of onboarding, training, etc.


Third Step

Contract: airisX works with you to determine the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and specific metrics to build a custom contract.


Fourth Step

Staffing: Once the contract has been executed, the Solutions Architect works with the recruiting department to locate internal and external staff for your specific required skills.


At this stage, your project will be transitioned to the Service Delivery Manager overseeing your on-going projects. The Solutions Architect will continue to monitor the contract and on-going solution, but the day-to-day operations will be migrated to your Service Delivery Manager, who will oversee the contract deliverables and report on the SLA and metrics success.


Fifth Step

Work Transition and Training: Our Service Delivery Manager works with your team to transfer process documentation, training materials, and other related project knowledge to kick off the training process. We train your outsourced staff for you with your provided knowledge and material, or assist your team with training and coaching should they want to execute the training themselves.


Sixth Step

Process Optimization: During the initial knowledge transfer for training, your airisX Service Delivery Manager documents and organizes all ongoing project processes and workflows to streamline future training as your team scales with us. We work with you to modify and improve existing processes by identifying inefficiencies and streamlining workflows for a more efficient, reproducible, and cost effective client solution within the bounds of the contract. When possible, new solutions are identified and communicated to the client via the Solutions Architect for evaluation and implementation. Basically, airisX is always monitoring our client solutions to identify areas where value can be added.


Seventh Step

Service Delivery: Your Service Delivery Manager oversees the day-to-day operation of your solution to ensure that contracted service is exceeded and provided in a consistent and cost efficient manner. When deficiencies are identified, they will work with you, our staff, and the Solutions Architect to quickly mitigate any issues for smooth operations. Your Service Delivery Manager will be your primary point of contact for any operational needs. They are empowered to ensure that each client project is a success.


Eigth Step

Reviews: At various points during a client contract, your Services team will conduct a solutions review with you. This is not your regular service delivery meetings, but rather a high level review of the solution, an evaluation of the success, and an opportunity to review performance and explore optimizations and additions. The timing of these reviews is highly dependent on the work being completed, though they could be done as Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly reviews.

Solutions Architect

(1) Evaluation
(2) Quote
(3) Contracts
(4) Staffing

Service Delivery Manager

(5) Training
(6) Process
(7) Service Delivery
(8) Reviews

Questions and Answers

Q: Who is my point-of-contact?

A: You will work directly with both your Solutions Architect and Service Delivery

Q: How long does this process take?

A: While it does depend on the size and scope of your project, it can be anywhere from 10-45 days from the start of the Staffing to Full Service Delivery. For example, most basic non-voice customer support projects that are less than 10 headcount we can complete in less than 2 business weeks. A full Amazon Managed Services solution may be a tiered transition over 1 to 2 months.


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