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Whether you need a complete solution for your ecommerce business, a customer support team, a part-time Virtual Assistant, or anything in between, airisX can help you build a custom solution. We work with companies across many industries (Ecommerce, Medical, Insurance, Apps, Non-profit, Finance, Telecom, Retail, etc.), and have deep experience in

The airisX founding team has years of experience in global outsourcing solutions, business operations, ecommerce, and Social Media. We combine our varied experiences into a single place for our clients – all while maintaining a cost that is substantially less than outsourcing companies in single verticals.

Due to our geographically diverse, global centers, airisX meets a level of excellence at a more competitive price point than our competitors.

We don’t charge extra for workspace, we don’t have hidden fees and charges, there are no additional costs for recruiting or staffing. All outsourced services include (no additional fees) access to an airisX Service Delivery Lead/Manager, who onboards your project into our center and helps you train your agent(s). We don’t charge differently for different customers. We don’t have minimum headcount requirements.


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