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Business Sale RepresentativesSales is a crucial part of your business. Your sales performance is a critical factor for your growth, expansion, and the overall success of the business.

But Sales is also a team effort. You can’t be expected to do it alone.

You need a team of highly-skilled and dependable sales representatives who can handle inbound or outbound sales with B2C or B2B clients supporting you, while you make the higher-level decisions that are crucial for business development.

But you can’t trust just anyone

As an important part of your business, you can’t trust your sales team with just any person or company. You need a company with years of extensive experience in call center sales support and a proven track record of excellent service.

That’s where we come in!

airisX has the sales workforce that you need to grow your business. With a workforce of experienced and highly-trained sales representatives at our disposal, we can provide you with the team you need to reach your sales goals.

We have sales representatives who can work with you part-time or full-time depending on your business needs. We can work on with inbound, outbound and e-bound leads to best grow your business. airisX also can drive leads through email marketing, digital marketing, and social media depending on what channel your target market is using.

Highly Dependable Call Center Sales Support Services

Sales is not a one-time process. If done correctly, sales support should nurture the ongoing relationship between you and your customer.

We help our clients by providing order processing, cart abandonment saves, and live customer support as part of their overall sales process. The airisX sales support resources go above and beyond by providing services such as optimize pricing strategies, respond to sales questions and clients’ RFP, craft sales presentations customized to your opportunity’s unique needs, and build profit/loss projections for quotes. We help you build strategic sales strategies and implement them, which is more than other call center sales support services can offer.

Dedicated Sales Agents at your Disposal

airisX has a vast workforce at your disposal.

We will assign you dedicated sales representatives whom you can rely on to work with in implementing your sales strategy. No need to worry about lack of proper support or information security which is a common concern with shared resources.

Sales Representatives with Expert Training

Our sales team is required to undergo and pass extensive training before they are allowed to work with our clients.

We have a full-fledged training department who is in charge of conducting foundation training and campaign specific training, including continuing professional education and coaching for individual skills improvement.

You can expect that our agents have been trained and primed to represent your company professionally to your customers.

Clear English Speakers

All the airisX agents are fluent in verbal and written English. This is primarily because we invest in the right recruitment services to find only the best sales agents in the industry. We are proud of our agents’ neutral accents and their ability to communicate clearly and articulately with our clients.

airisX also supports other languages such as Spanish, French, and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) to support the diverse needs of our international clients.

Work with Experienced Managers

You need good leaders to manage your team of sales representatives and guide them towards achieving your goals. airisX hires only the best call center managers in the industry to provide you with the support you need in managing your sales workforce.

We will assign you with skilled and experienced managers from our workforce with the skills and experience that are relevant to your business and industry. Our managers will motivate, coach and drive your sales representatives’ performance to exceed your expectations.

Quality Control Department

Quality is a key factor towards achieving excellence.

You can monitor and improve your teams’ performance through a fully-staffed Quality Assurance Department. Our QA Department will review and score each of your sales agents’ calls. The information from these reviews are passed on to the Training Department and Operations Management for the sales agents to receive the proper one-on-one feedback to improve.

They will also coordinate with your onsite (or local) team to make sure that you are calibrated when it comes to quality KPIs and expectations.

Complete and Accurate Reports

airisX conducts itself with integrity and transparency in all our business transactions. To do this, we provide our clients with regular reports – from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly – to provide you with the information you need about your sales teams’ performance.

We help our clients in defining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are crucial for your business operations and we will help you in generating and monitoring these numbers through our professional reports and analysis.


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and