Quality Assurance

airisX’s Quality assurance team prevents mistakes or defects in the manufactured products to avoid problems when delivering solutions or services to existing and potential customers. The term “quality assurance” and “quality control” have been used interchangeably most of the time to show ways of ensuring the quality of the product or services.

The Quality Assurance team from airisX compromises administrative and procedural activities implemented in the quality system to make sure that the requirements for the product and services are met and fulfilled. It is also defined as the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes, and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. This can be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process output.

airisX Quality Assurance for various markets and needs

  • Manufacturing (internal and 3rd party)
  • Software Development
  • Business Process

Principles of Quality Assurance

Fit for purpose

  • Product should work properly and suitable for the intended purpose.

Right first time

  • Product should work the first time it is tested and all mistakes should be eliminated.

Quality Assurance also checks and manages the quality of raw materials, product components, assemblies, production related services, production, and inspection process. These two principles manifests before developing (engineering) a novel technical product: The task of engineering is to make it work once, while the task of quality assurance is to make it work all the time.

Duties and responsibilities of an airisX QA team may consist of:

  • Monitor risk management
  • Assure continuous compliance with quality and industry regulatory requirements
  • Develop and monitor corrective and preventive actions
  • Document internal and quality activities
  • Devise sampling procedures and directions for recording and reporting quality assurance data
  • Prepare reports to maintain and manage the quality of the product and to communicate the outcome of the product
  • Responsibility of document management systems
  • Collect statistical quality data
  • Evaluate audit finding and issue corrective actions accordingly
  • Identify and organize training needs and interventions to meet quality standards
  • Investigate any customer issues and non-compliance complaints
  • Draft QA policies and procedures
  • Implement QA procedures

The development sphere has evolved past traditional software; everyone at least slightly connected with IT knows what is quality assurance team. A few years ago, the situation was quite different where only few companies actually went through a software quality assurance process. There were instances where developers were asking “Why do we need a QA team?” . Even today, when QA positions are in abundance, they seem underestimated compared to developers’ ones.

People who think that a QA team is just all about testing probably failed to realize the true goal and responsibilities of a Quality Assurance. So, what exactly is the importance of a Quality assurance?

Importance of a QA team

airisX’s Quality Assurance teams prevent the mistakes and defects in products and services (software, physical product, business process), avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers. However, there’s more about airisX’s QA team. Here are some benefits that airisX’s QA team can provide:

  • Meet your client’s needs and demands at the highest rate
  • Build customer’s trust that will help you beat the competitors in the long run
  • Save costs by detecting defects and issues and fixing it at early stages
  • Set and maintain high quality standards and shifts from detecting issues to preventing them

A Quality Assurance team from airisX is not only worthwhile, but also indispensable taken today’s fierce competition, and it is certainly best to know and use QA team’s best practices for desired results.

Obviously, ensuring high quality products benefits not only your customers but also your business. The biggest asset of airisX Quality assurance team is to lower the project cost by meeting the highest quality satisfaction requirement for your product. When the highest satisfaction requirements are met the first time around, there’s going to be no need to pay extra cost for trial and error, after sales support, refunds, recalls, and ill will.

airisX’s team has years of experience in global outsourcing solutions, business operations, online sales and growth marketing, contract manufacturing, and Social Media. We are the only company that combines all these various aspects into a single place for the benefit of our clients. All while maintaining a cost that is substantially less than others in single verticals. With our team, inspection of tools, raw materials, and expertise in quality assurance, identifying potential defects in your products, problems in the manufacturing process, and finding a solution will be a piece of cake.


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