How To Choose The Right Recruitment Provider

Recruiting the right people for your team is crucial for the success of your business. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 employers are struggling to fill jobs with 29% saying that the skills gap has increased over the years. Statistics further show that only 1 in 3 companies hire the “right” person meaning that 2 out of 3 times the person they hire is either “not right” or “mediocre.” 

Recruitment can be a time-consuming process. Your recruitment team would need to screen applicants and schedule them for interviews. If they pass the interviews, the next step is to get their employment requirements and onboard them. Over time, it can become overwhelming for them. This is where hiring a recruitment provider can be useful. However, you just cannot choose the first provider that you find. So read on and be guided on how to select the right recruitment company to partner with. 

Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency 

  1. Determine Your Hiring Needs
  2. Ensure That You Have The Budget 
  3. Find Out About The Reputation OIf The Agency 
  4. Check Their Field of Expertise 
  5. Interview Them Like You Would An Applicant
  6. See How The Recruiter Works 

Choosing The Right Recruitment Agency 

Finding the right recruitment agency is important for both the job seeker and the employer. For the job seeker, they want to make sure they will be working in the right company. Meanwhile, for the employer, it gives them an assurance that their investment will be worthwhile. Here are the steps to selecting the right recruiting company.

1. Determine Your Hiring Needs

When looking for a provider, you must clearly explain your hiring needs to the company. Are you looking to hire one, a few, or several employees? What position are you looking to fill? This should be made clear to the outsourcing company. By doing this, you will be able to find the right agency that specializes in that field. 

Being clear with your hiring needs to the provider helps them find the right candidate for that position. Provide them with all the specifics of the vacant position. If necessary, create a team that would conduct a thorough analysis of your hiring requirements. 

You should also check the job description of the position you want to fill. Add the finer details like the must-haves, should-haves, and nice-to-haves. Add the important details upfront such as benefits packages, stock options, compensation range, and others. Identify which role is important and look for a talent that can bridge the most significant parts of gaps.

2, Ensure That You Have The Budget 

While having a budget may seem like a no-brainer, it is still worth emphasizing. Before hiring their services, you want to check if you can afford them. The good news is that outsourcing to a provider is not that expensive. Understanding outsourcing costs is vital in helping you make an informed decision whether to outsource or create an in-house team. The cost of the former will be more affordable than the latter since you do not have to worry about other costs such as medical, social security, utilities, and others. 

Of course, you want to work with the best but it would not be worthwhile if you cannot afford their services. Although their fees are lower than other recruitment agencies, you can bank on getting quality service from them. Your budget will be dependent on several factors, including the following: 

  • Number of vacant positions to fill 
  • Expected salary 
  • Type of industry 
  • Type of job 
  • Services being offered 

In determining your budget, you should also consider the cost of additional resources, potential training, travel expenses, and other costs. The most important thing is to ensure that you get your money’s worth with the provider you plan to hire. The good news is that most of the time you get what you pay for with an outsourcing provider.

3. Find Out About The Reputation Of The Agency 

When looking for an outsourcing provider, you want to make sure that the company has a good reputation. Think of the outsourcing company as your business partner. Would you work with a partner that has a dubious reputation? Definitely not. According to statistics, 64% of people trust online search engines the most when researching a business so why shouldn’t you? 

Check out client testimonials to see what their current and previous customers are saying about them. Client testimonials are a powerful trust builder. Research shows that 9 of 10 people trust what a customer says about a business more than what it says about itself. Testimonials help tell the kind of reputation the outsourcing company has built in the industry. Look for testimonials on their homepage or blog, 

Nowadays, it is not difficult to check the reputation of a recruitment provider. Platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms can help you check past client reviews. Reputable outsourcing companies will never compromise the quality of their services. Do always check the reputation of the recruitment provider before signing an agreement.

4. Check Their Field of Expertise 

When looking for an outsourcing provider, you want to work with a company that has experience in the recruitment industry. You would want to work with a recruitment provider who knows the ins and outs of your industry. The agency you have in mind should be knowledgeable about finding the right talent for the right job. They know how to weed out the undesirable candidates from quality ones. 

Look for recruitment providers that have knowledge of a particular market or industry. If you are looking to fill a technical position, you are better off working with a recruiter who has a better understanding of these roles and their required skills. Find a provider that has experience with the job market on local, national, and international levels. In addition, they should know about employer requirements, candidate expectations, and supply and demand in the labor market. 

The right recruiter is the one who specializes in finding the best candidate for a particular job. They have the knowledge to quickly identify the best applicant to fill your vacant position. They have an in-depth understanding of the job market and the skills and qualifications that the position requires. Choosing the right provider can help reduce the turnover rate ensuring that the candidate is the right fit for the role.

5. Interview Them Like You Would An Applicant 

The best way to determine if a provider is the right partner for you is to get to know them and one of the ways you can do this is to talk to them personally. You need to have a clear idea of their capabilities for handling your recruitment needs. Conduct an interview with your prospective provider. Treat it as though you will be interviewing a job applicant. This will help you gauge whether or not the recruiter has the capability to meet your recruitment demands. 

Interviewing the recruiting firm will help give you initial impressions. Doing so will help you determine how the recruiter conducts business and how they handle their clients and candidates that they represent. You can use the interview to conduct a deeper probe of the recruiter. You can ask them the following questions: 

  • How long has the agency been in business? 
  • Who are their clients?
  • What is their method of recruitment? 
  • How long is their turnaround time? 

When hiring a recruiter to partner with, look for one that is passionate about your company. It should be one that ticks all the right boxes. Interviews can help you assess the recruiter’s hard skills, behavioral intelligence, and soft skills. Always look for competency and ask situational questions. Focus on how they handled previous situations to help you choose the right recruitment provider. Also, don’t forget to ask general questions about processes and tools to help you find the right one for your business. 

6. See How The Recruiter Works 

Another important factor to consider when choosing a recruiting firm is to understand its process and see if it is what you are looking for in a recruitment firm. Talk to them about what their methods are in pre-screening and choosing the best candidates. Also, find out how much time they need to send their first CVs. Another important concern you should look at is their method of sourcing candidates. Is it through Facebook, LinkedIn, job portals, others? 

The recruiter should work with you from the initial contact until you are able to find the right candidate for the position you are filling. Depending on what you want, the recruitment firm may do the full process or be involved in only one stage. Different recruiters have different ways to do their work so it is important to have an understanding of these processes to help you determine the right “fit.” 

You can ask current and former clients about their experience with the recruiter. Ask them how the firm was able to work around challenges and obstacles that may keep them from finding the right person to hire. Only a capable recruiter will be able to find ways to overcome these challenges. 

Recruitment is a never-ending process. The time will come when your in-house recruitment team will no longer be able to handle the delicate tasks of filling up vacant positions in your company. 

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