25 Tasks To Outsource For A Small Company

As a business owner, you need to realize that you cannot be a jack of all trades. This means that you cannot be a businessman and employee at the same time. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs fail in growing their business. As an entrepreneur, you need to work on your business and not to be in it. While it is understandable that you want to be hands-on in running your business, you cannot do everything.

As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on the most important aspects of your business. When you try to do everything, you drain more energy than you ought to. You need to take some of the load from you and consider outsourcing some tasks. Hiring virtual assistants can help you to start working ON your business instead of being trapped IN it.

Managing a small business can be overwhelming. It can become even more stressful if you will shoulder all the responsibilities yourself. If you are still having second thoughts about outsourcing GVAs, you need to realize that they can be a great help to you. They can help alleviate entrepreneur overload. 

Outsourcing non-core tasks to the VA can help you focus on the core activities. However, you should not assume that VAs can do just about any task. Note that they cannot do what a content writer, programmer, graphic designer can handle. This can get confusing but here is a rundown of 25 tasks that you delegate to a virtual assistant.

  1.   Sending, replying and handling email accounts
  2.   Setting up autoresponders
  3.   Booking meetings with clients
  4.   Sending thank you notes to clients and customers
  5.   Answering phone calls
  6.   Updating and managing your schedule
  7.   Managing files (organizing, deleting, or storing in the cloud)
  8.   Database management (building & updating email or contact list on CRM)
  9.   Researching possible topics for blog posts and newsletters
  10.   Going on personal errands like buying gifts for clients or customers
  11.   Booking hotels accommodations and flights
  12.   Converting voicemail, video or audio, podcasts into documents
  13.   Submitting reports like weekly tasks, deliverables, sales
  14.   Recording minutes of meetings
  15.   Creating PowerPoint presentations
  16.   Coordinating with other members of the team
  17.   Recruitment work (sourcing, screening, and interviewing applicants)
  18.   Setting up social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube)
  19.   Managing and updating social media accounts
  20.   Blog management and update (this requires some WordPress skills)
  21.   Publishing content on company blog
  22.   Reader engagement (filtering and replying to posted comments)
  23.   Responding to customer support tickets (using Zendesk)
  24.   Commenting on other blogs (to create backlinks to your website)
  25.   Joining discussion forums or message boards

Why outsourcing makes sense? 

The focus of entrepreneurs should be on running their business. Doing tasks like travel booking, secretarial work, email management, and other tasks take you out of what you should be really doing. Latest data reveal that virtual assistants can save you up to 78% of operating expenses per year. If you haven’t considered hiring virtual assistants, it is high time you do, and airisX can help. Just contact us with your needs and we can set-up a solution just for you.


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