Why change to airisX?

Finding a credible partner and service provider to help your business grow can be really hard nowadays. Whether it is very expensive, or the quality is being compromised, being confident and at ease that your products and/or services is in good hands is the most important thing. You might have found a partner or a service provider to help you with your businesses and other outsourcing job, you might be happy with their pricing and the quality of performance/outcome of task that they producing. airisX can give you the professional output that you are looking for, for a much affordable price!

Reasons why you should move to airisX


  • airisX is like a “One-Stop Shop” that offers everything from Manufacturing to Outsourcing. You don’t need to look over the internet for someone to manufacture your products, or outsource your services at the same time.

airisX is “Invested”

  • The Founders of airisX invested not only their money, but also their efforts and extensive knowledge to ensure that the quality of the products and services that we offer are not sub-par compared to our competitors.

Affordable services

  • Cheap and Affordable are different. Cheap is for those products and services that you get for a much lower price but with low quality as well. Affordable is for those products and services that you get for a lower price without compromising the quality.


  • We highly value your product design. However, most of the time there are flaws in the products that needs immediate action before we put it out in the market. Unlike most of our competitors who doesn’t look in to it in details (to cut manufacturing cost), airisX ensures that every issue your product has will be addressed and our specialist will discuss it with you to propose the upgrades and innovations that they have made to make your product perfect (at the lowest possible cost) before putting it out in the market. And of course the final decision will be yours if those innovations will be put in effect or not.

Partnership is vital

  • Unlike other providers who practices Provider-Client relationship, we treat our clients as partners, and raise every problem with the manufactured product, or offered services, and devise a plan with you to fix the issue and avoid the it in the future.

airisX is an all-around business partner that covers everything you need to grow or keep your business running. Simply put, Business is our Business.

airisX services


  • airisX has a Manufacturing Facility based in Shenzhen, China with a total of 1900 square meters of mix used space. This covers everything from our tooling shop, to our offices. With this, airisX also offers Contract Manufacturing that covers everything from designing your product, prototype, shipping and warehouse, branding and marketing, fulfillment, sales, and even support after sales!

Outsourced services

Virtual Assistants

  • airisX Virtual Assistants can cover a lot of your work. From checking your emails daily, to finding new leads for your business. They can free up a lot of your time so you can use it to focus on much more important tasks to grow your business.


  • Bookkeepers from airisX can cover all of your financial needs. From checking your financial activities daily, to managing your payrolls, and everything in between, our Bookkeepers got you covered!

Inbound & Outbound Sales Representative

  • Need someone to handle your sales for you? airisX Inbound & Outbound Sales Representatives are the perfect teams to handle the job for you! Whether it is just for a simple product and/or service inquiry, or convincing your leads to buy, our Sales Representative can do the job without sounding rude and aggressive for you to gain your customer’s trust and make it a WIN-WIN situation for you and your customers.

Data Encoders

  • airisX Data Encoders ensures that all of your critical and non-critical are kept safe, secure, intact, complete, and ready for review whenever you need it. They also cover all of the administrative tasks for you!

Marketplace Managers

  • Once your product is out in the market, especially if your product is on Amazon, Shopify, or Walmart, airisX Marketplace Managers have you covered! From managing the orders, to monitoring your product’s performance out in the market, our Marketplace Managers ensures that your product/s will be able to keep up with the competition, if not exceed them.

WordPress and Web Developers

  • As a business owner, it is very important that you have a website for your business. Online shopping is one of the most popular, and fastest growing method of where customers buys your products and/or services. airisX WordPress and Web Developers covers everything from creating your website, to managing it on a daily basis, and everything in between.

airisX offers a lot more services that you can outsource like Android Developers, AngularJS Developers, Content Writers, Copywriters, Customer Support Representative, Excel Experts, Social Media Marketers, Graphic Designers, iOS Developers, Javascript Developers, Query Developers, Mobile App Developers, Objective-C Developers, PHP Developers, Python Developers, Swift Developers, Technical Writers, UI and UX Developers, and Writers.


airisX have secured, and well-maintained offices that ensures our partners that all of the critical, and important data that they provide will be kept safe, and secured. Of course there are lots of other outsourcing companies that has high security measures, however, airisX offers the same level of quality at much lower costs. And compared to freelancers who works remotely, they cannot offer as much security as airisX does.

We treat our clients as our partners, which means we treat your business as if it is our own. We work with clients of all sizes, so it is guaranteed that you are not too big, nor too small. At airisX, your business is our business.


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and