Social Media Marketing Support Services

Over the years, social media marketing has evolved from being just another marketing channel into an important part of the customer service experience. Major brands and small businesses are now investing heavily in dedicated social media marketing teams to implement their social media strategies successfully.

airisX brings our outsourcing services to the next level by maintaining a workforce of social media marketing specialists dedicated to enact all your online marketing needs.

We have social media experts with extensive experience in social media campaigns on Facebook , Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter who develop and implement your social media omni-channel strategy.

Our social media marketing support services also cover channels such as Snapchat, Google+, and we are constantly training our social media marketing specialists to be aware of new social media channels that prove beneficial for you and your business.

A Targeted Marketing Strategy That Works

The beauty of social media is that you can market to specific customers segments in channels where you know they are present. This creates a targeted marketing strategy that reaps better results.

By conducting a thorough market analysis of your audience and their behavior, airisX’s social experts determine the right social media channel to use for your B2B or B2C campaigns. This customized approach brings awareness of your brand and allows you to be more relevant to your potential and existing customers.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Are you having difficulty in getting people to your website?

Social Media can bridge that gap for you!

Complement your existing SEO strategy by creating shareable content on your chosen social media channels that are sure to drive your customers to your website. airisX creates ads that will direct your customers to specific pages for awareness or to opt-in forms that are meant to collect lead information via CPC, PPC, and affiliate advertising.

Customized Social Media Strategy

airisX has a diverse pool of talent that allows you to create a customized social media strategy that fits your needs. Our Social Media Managers deeply analyze your current customer profile to determine the best target audience by developing buyer personas that are crucial in creating targeted social media content.

We plan out your social media calendar with content that appeals to your buyer personas, thus making your marketing spend more targeted, and thereby more effective.

Social Media Branding Guide

Social Media is not just about posting content in the social media channel of your choice.  Content needs to resonate and represent your brand perfectly!  After all, the best social media campaigns are the ones that are clear and concise in their social media voice and message, and that lead to increased sales and revenue.

The airisX team of social media experts build your social media voice and make sure that your content is aligned with your brand and message. We craft a social media brand guide that will be crucial in the content creation process and create a single voice for the company across any channel.

Social Media Content Creation

Your social media campaign needs the right content to make it effective.

The airisX social media team is comprised of experienced graphic designers and copywriters who create your social media images for posts, cover photos, profile photos and the copy needed for posts or advertisements.

Social Media Calendar

Once you have agreed to the right type of content for your social media channels of choice, the airisX team deploys your pages and profiles, ensuring they have consistent posts for your brand and are building your reputation.

The airisX social media marketing experts use the right tools and technology to plot out your content in a social media calendar that you can easily view, edit, and approve.

Social Media Customer Support

Customer Service is the cornerstone of the airisX outsourced services offering. Our customer service solutions encompass phone, email, chat – and now, social media support.

Yes, it’s easy to create an auto-responder or use a bot to respond to your queries online. But you know – and we know – that your customers want to know that there is an actual person on the other end of their customer service channel answering their concerns when they need it most.

This is where airisX comes in!

airisX social media experts manage and respond to comments and messages made in your social media channels. We ensure that SPAM posts or damaging comments are deleted to create a safe environment for your customers on your profiles, pages, and posts.

Social Media Community Management

Social Media is about building a tribe – a community – around your brand and we’re here to build that for you!

airisX makes social media management easy by managing your community via filtering and adding new members, approving member posts, and preventing spam posts or comments from infiltrating your social media group.

Our social media experts make sure that your group has a steady stream of content that will keep the conversation going with your customers, while pushing relevant content to drive sales.

Social Media Listening

Social Media is an ongoing conversation. airisX builds a plan of what topics, news, content and issues your target audience is talking about to create content that remains relevant to them.  

We create your relevant content, driving discoverability by selecting the right hashtags or keywords for your posts.

Paid Social Media Advertisements

Organic posts are no longer as effective in social media channels as they once were. Brands need to invest in ads, sponsored posts, and boosted posts that will help push your content to relevant audiences.

Our team of social media experts are experienced in both organic and paid social media strategies. We install Facebook pixels and other methods into your website to build your retargeting list.

Social Media Analytics

Your social media strategy will never be foolproof. Brands need to be ready for constant changes and adjustments to their social media marketing campaigns, depending on rapid changes in the market, and their customers’ needs and evolving desires.

The airisX team provides comprehensive social media reports and deep dive analysis that help in determining the points for improvement of your campaign, then, employing the right solutions to improve the campaign’s performance.

Social Media Management can be a chore:

IF you don’t know how to do it right; and

IF you don’t have the right team backing you up.

Thankfully, you have airisX to do that for you!


airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and