You get more time to work on your business, more productive use of your time to grow sales, more profit due to decreased expenses, and the freedom to focus on what is most important, whether that is making better products and services, or spending a holiday away without worrying that the business is missing out just because you aren’t there.

The benefits of outsourcing is simple:

  • More TIME
  • More PROFIT
  • More FREEDOM
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Business Efficiencies

You can take advantage of our Business Process Outsourcing solutions and services.. Are you killing it on support, or is support killing you? Are all customer inquiries responded to by a human within 2-3 hours? Are all issues resolved in 24 hours? If the answer is no, then read on. We outsource so much already:

  • Lawyers and legal services,
  • Accounting, Servers (AWS),
  • CRM (Salesforce),
  • Ticket systems (ZenDesk) and more.
  • We have even outsourced driving (Uber).
  • If you are not killing it on customer support, then you likely need help from the experts.We have over 400 active agents supporting diverse companies globally.
  • Inexpensive: 60-75% of local salary costs, not including payroll taxes, leave, management, recruiting, IT & facilities and other hidden direct employment costs.
  • Easy: airisX takes care of all the recruiting, payroll, training (basic), management, HR, tracking/measuring, vacation time, taxes, workstations/IT, redundant ISP.
  • Fast: We start recruiting for your team within 24 hours of your account set-up.

risk management

No need to invest heavily in recruiting staff, just let us know and airisX can correctly size your team up and down.

Outsourcing your BPO needs to airisX helps you manage:

  1. Cash runway
  2. Burn out / Never being able to take a vacation
  3. Expansion / Scaling with growth / Ramping up & down
  4. Candidate experience


We have clients that require BSA, PCI DSS, & HIPAA level security, privacy and confidentiality. Be certain your data, and your customer’s data, is always secure.

All projects usually come with sensitive data, such as: customer details, financial records, trading logs, deposit and withdrawal information, corporate details, network diagrams and more.

airisX is serious about security, being able to support BSA (Bank Secrecy Act), PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) level compliant solutions. You are protected via strong employee background checks, including national police records and credit checks, as well as hardware and software level security solutions (such as disabling print screen, USB ports) and even the ability to lock representatives out of any resources not directly required to perform their job function.

All our facilities are secured by guard and key card access.

Some of the largest companies that outsource to the Philippines are banks like JP Morgan Chase and Citibank. Medical transcription and scheduling are also popular targets for remote teams.

Rest assured, your corporate and client data will be secured using industry best practices.

Tax benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing teams brings certain possible tax benefits to companies.


Outsourcing allows companies to move certain required expenses that are incurred by bringing on staff internally. Workstations, desks and other physical purchases that would generally fall under a capital purchase can be shifted to an immediate expense.

Payroll taxes:

Payroll taxes, such as state and federal income tax, Social Security, unemployment insurance and workers compensation.


By not spending large amounts of money on office leases, workstations, furniture and other infrastructure required to maintain staff, this frees the money up to be utilized in growing your business. Additionally, outsourced staffing can be paid out of cash flow, rather than raised capital.

As a service expense, outsourced staffing costs are much easier to forecast and far less variable than internal staffing.


Outsourced staff is not employed by you, nor is it located within your facilities. This means that employee related liability claims are non-existent.

Customer Support
Customer Retention Services
Customer Complaint Resolution
Technical Support
Email Handling
Chat Support, Email Support, Social Media (FB, Reddit, Twitter)
Inquiry Handling
Customer Surveys

Data Entry, encoding
Data Cleansing and Updating
Data Mining
Data Processing
PDF Conversion
Web Research
Document Management
Social media management

Real Estate listing creation
Remote facility surveillance
Shipping & Logistics tracking

Administrative Support
Personal Assistant
Online Business Assistant

Product Listing Services
Catalog Management
Image Editing
Order Verification and Processing
Product Support Services
Credit Card Services

Business Process Outsourcing Usages

How would you use an outsourced remote team? Some great tasks and roles that can be easily outsourced, to save you time and money are mention on left. All services are available as custom solutions, or our complete package. For some great examples of solutions, check out our Case Studies.



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