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airisX provides Ecommerce Solutions, Business Process Services, Contract Manufacturing, Fulfillment Solutions and more. We have taken the opportunity here present a hand-full of Selected Case Studies for reviewing airisX successes and highlight the width and breadth of solutions available via the platform’s available services.
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Case Study 1 - Ecommerce Solution

Case Study 1 covers the solution created for a medium sized Amazon FBA seller based in China. They manufacture their own products, which were sold on Amazon via multiple brands. Their existing Amazon sales process was inefficient and they were struggling with sales in the US market.

airisX instituted a full outsourced Ecommerce solution for the client, encompassing:

  • Complete re-branding of each brand and product, in-line with modern Western design.
  • Marketplace Managers that updated all listings and manages the client’s full Amazon presence and FBA fulfilment.
  • Updated all collateral, templates, and with special attention to English.
  • Native 24×7 English Customer Experience team.

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Case Study 2 - Ecommerce Solution

Case Study 2 covers the solution created for a US based company that manufacturers in China via contract manufacturers. They also source existing products for resale on the Amazon platform in the following markets: United States, Canada, France, and Mexico. The client had significant scaling problems leading to high cost and overruns in their existing internal Amazon sales process due to unchecked personnel growth.

airisX instituted a full outsourced Ecommerce solution for the client, encompassing:

  • Implemented standardized marketing/branding strategy (manager) with regional specifics (Digital Marketing).
  • Graphics design, translation.
  • Copyedit, market strategy, etc (Marketplace Management).
  • Decrease costs (CSR team) and increase customer success.
  • China sourcing and Quality Control.

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Case Study 3 - Ecommerce, Business Operations Solution

Case Study 3 covers the solution created for a US located nutritional supplements manufacturer that wanted to enter the Amazon marketplace to allow them to sell direct to consumers. The client has a large network of retail partners and a small website that outlines the client’s products but had no ecommerce presence directly. The client independently analyzed their options and decided a direct sales model would make sense, especially via Amazon’s powerful marketplace platform, leveraging the power of FBA for quick and efficient operations. They additionally identified their lack of experience, and solicited airisX as the experts in the space.

airisX instituted a full outsourced Ecommerce solution for the client, encompassing:

  • Launch and implementation plan for Amazon Managed Service.
  • Copyedit, market strategy, listings, etc (Marketplace Management).
  • Logistics and fulfillment plan.
  • Marketing strategy: website and branding reinvention, social media, and online lead generation.
  • CSR team for direct customer support.

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Case Study 4 - Business Process Outsourcing Solution

Client 4 covers the solution created for a medium-sized App developer, making a popular and growing personal information aggregation. Client 4 is a globally distributed team, with existing staffing located in the Philippines, both foreign (expat) and domestic. Their app is used by a global client base, with corporate clients using the tool for internally tracking employee information at a number of Fortune 500 companies. The app allows clients to submit their information to the app, which will then create a full reports to the client, so they have all their information in one convenient place.

The client was desiring expert level access local Philippines staffing scalability, cost efficiencies, access to higher level management, and a more hands-on solution.

airisX instituted a full outsourced Business Process Services solution for the client, encompassing:

  • Full staffing process and training system, with SLA and key metrics monitoring
  • Templates and documentation for Customer Experience
  • Consistent 18×7 support hours within professional centers
  • Native English support with scalable recruiting and management solution.

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Case Study 7 - Business Process Outsourcing Solution

Client 7 is a popular videogame streaming app that functions as a companion to their web/software based service within the eSports space. The app leverages free advertising based viewing, subscriptions, and in-app purchases. App users are able to save their favorite streamers, watch on-going tournaments, see points and bracket standings, and search for new video game streams. The service has a strong international presence with dedicated staffing within multiple regional offices.

airisX instituted a full outsourced Customer Experience solution for the client, encompassing:

  • 24 Customer Experience Representatives with 2 Supervisors on a 24×7 schedule.
  • English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese offshore resources.
  • Vastly reduced per agent costs from internal solution, while increasing customer satisfaction on support requests (55% reduction).

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