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How It Works?

We know how crucial it is to find new clients, as well as it is annoying. The only way to grow your business is to constantly acquire new clients, but with everything else going on in your business, it isn’t always possible.

airisX takes the pressure off your shoulders.

We’re a Philippines-based, American run outsourcing company. Since 2017, we’ve been helping ecommerce, SAAS, services, and B2B companies grow their sales pipelines through our lead generation services.


First Step

We work with you to identify your target audience for your product/service.


Second Step

We search through LinkedIn and Google for potential leads fitting your desired demographic, along with email addresses, phone numbers, target contact names, etc.


Third Step

We perform outbound calling and email campaigns to these newly built customer lists to warm up leads for you to close. Or, we simply provide the lists to you to perform outreach yourself.

We Save Our Clients A Lot of Money!

We know how costly it is in terms of time and money to search online for new clients all day long – we’ve been there too.

To help you visualize the savings you get from working with us,we put together a simple calculator for you to calculate how much it costs to automate your lead generation with us.

Estimated Cost ($):
Cost Per Lead ($):

Email us at haumin@airisX.com for an exact quote!

We can help you find about 100-150 new leads per day, depending on your vertical (some verticals are more time-consuming than others as contact information is not always public, etc.)

What Our Clients Are Saying?

We’ve worked with over a hundred different companies across multiple verticals outsource and automate their lead generation. Read some of our success cases.

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airisX has solutions for all sizes and types of companies. Getting started is as easy as scheduling a consultation with us, so go ahead and